Waxing is a tough talent! Being an amazing Waxer does not happen over night. Looking back on my education and learning process, I really feel like I was taught the bare minimum with not-so-amazing products during school. After tons of trial and error, I finally got to the point where I felt confident in my skills with products I loved. Now with 5 waxing salons buzzing in Orange County CA, I want to help other Waxers become successful too.
Waxing is my absolute passion & I strongly feel you cannot use a cheap wax with poor ingredients. The comfort and safety of clients is totally the key to your success! I want each of you to build a successful life for yourself and I believe that journey starts with great products & education. Let me be your catalyst to increased retention, reputation, and a successful career as a Waxing Expert.

I've built a waxing company from the ground up, and so can you! I am here to help.